Tri-Oval System (220/50) 15-5030-42


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The Tri-Oval System is a top of the line system that will provide your shop with the most in high tech equipment. The user friendly design will actually help you provide the best and most efficient service for your customers. It allows the operator to square the ball in the jig the same way each time it is used. This provides for pin point accuracy with every ball that is drilled. A safety ring is used to hold the ball in the jig insuring not only that the ball cannot move during the drilling process, but also that the ball cannot come out of the jig causing injury to the operator or damaging the ball. There is no need to worry about sealing the ball in the jig as this ring provides contact on both the top and the bottom of the ball. As an equipment manufacturer, we feel a strong obligation to provide our customers with quality equipment that does not compromise their safety at any time. The Tri-Oval System is designed with minimal moving parts to provide many years of trouble-free service.

System Includes set of 40 bits, plug trimming blade, carousel bit holder, speed chuck, 2 Axis VUE Display, and stand.

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